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May 24 2013


How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to PC

Nowadays, iPhone is widely used all over the world, besides a cell phone, iPhone is much like an audio player, a portable cinema, a game box, and all the tools you need in your daily life. Maybe that's why iPhone is so popular today.

As an audio player, iPhone has a top quality of playing songs, and the iTunes provides various kinds of songs for you choose. But how to transfer songs from iPhone to PC if there are too many songs in your iPhone? It may seem like an easy question to answer, but if you want to figure out how many methods are available, that's not as easy as it seems like. I would like to share some simple ways to transfer iPhone songs to PC with you.

Method 1: By iTunes
1. Connect iPhone to PC.
2. Open the iTunes, and sync it with the iPhone.
3. Copy the songs from iTunes to computer.

Method 2: By iCloud
1. Install iCloud both on iPhone and computer. Install the Windows version if your PC is with Windows OS.
2. Open the Sync function of the iCloud in the iPhone settings.
3. Log in the iCloud with the Apple ID on the computer, and you are able to manage your iPhone files now.
4. Select the songs in your iPhone and sync them in your PC's iCloud, if you want to put them in certain folders, you can download the songs to your local folder.

Method 3: By Email
If you want to email your iPhone songs, you should download an app like Song Express in iTunes for iPhone song transfer.
1. After installing the app, log in the app, and select songs.
2. When finished, the app will connect to your emails, you can send the songs via email.
3. You should turn on "Artist in Song Names" and so on in the settings of the app.

Method 4: By Transfer Software
The iTransfer software is used for transfer files among i-devices, portable devices and PCs. It is useful especially when you have some files which are not synced from the iTunes. Leawo iTransfer is very good transfer software, the transference is very fast and easy.

Step 1 Install Leawo iTransfer and run it, the software will notice you with "It's now safe to connect your i-devices". Connect your iPhone to PC, the software will scan your iPhone automatically, the files will show in the software's window.

Step 2 Select,  the songs you want to transfer, click the transfer button to get to the transfer settings; or right-click the files and "Transfer" to "My Computer"; or directly drag/drop the files to the target files.

Step 3 In the transfer settings, choose location where you want to put your files, and then click the "Transfer Now" button to start transfer.

Step 4 A dialog box comes out to notice the transfer progress with the progress bar. Do not disconnect while transferring, or the transfer will be stopped. When the transfer finishes, the songs will show in your target folders.

The five methods are just some simple ones, maybe you can find out more methods, just try them, you will find iPhone transfer is so easy. Among these methods, Leawo iTransfer can be regarded as the fastest and stablest method, it cannot only transfer music from iPhone to PC, but also other files which you want to transfer.

May 22 2013


The way to Transfer Data from iOS to Android

It is totally obvious that android mobile and iPhones own the most market share in the smartphone market, both of these two kinds of phones have their unique characteristics to attract people's eyes. It could be one of the causes why many people buy two mobile phones with these two kinds of os's.

On the other hand, when it comes to transfer from iOS to android, it may make a lot of people puzzled. Being two totally different os's, how could the transfer take place? Now, I'd like to present you some effortless techniques of shifting files from iOS to android, which set iPod touch 4 (i-device) and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (android smartphone) as examples.

Set shifting pictures as an example, the formats both supported in iPod touch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and so forth., and generally four means are available for transferring images between iPod touch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Method 1: Via E mail
1. Link your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to personal computer and pick the images.
2. Pack up your pictures into a folder and compress the folder to a WinRAR zip document.
3. Mail yourself an e mail with the compressed files in the attachment.
4. Log in your iPod touch 4's e mail and download the attachment.
5. Use the Zip manager in your iPod touch 4 to decompress your ZIP data file, and you can get your images.

Method 2: By Dropbox
1. Make your Dropbox account and install the software program both on your iPod touch 4 and Note 2.
2. Upload your images in iPod touch 4 to Dropbox folders.
3. Start your Dropbox on your Note 2, and then download the images to your mobile phone.

Method 3: By using iTunes' Synchronization
1. Hook up your iPod touch 4 to laptop and launch the latest iTunes on your laptop.
2. Sync your iPhone with your iTunes and you could view the images in your iTunes.
3. Copy or drag/drop your images in the iTunes to personal computer.
4. Connect your Note 2 to personal computer as a flash disk, and so you are permitted to copy the images onto your iPod touch 4.

Method 4: Making use of Qualified Transfer Computer software
What is the transfer software used for? Maybe you have certainly not used transfer software in the past, now i want to introduce you this kind of software. Undoubtedly, it is used for transferring files among i-devices, computer and many other mobile devices. The functions of this kind of software program are: 1. Transfer whatever files you want between i-devices, computers and other mobile units; 2. Used as a data backup software to back up your i-devices' files on personal pc; 3. Make your i-devices as flash disks to ensure that you can actually download any files without difficulty. In terms of "professional", I give my vote to the Leawo iTransfer, it is remarkable, and just runs fast and stable. I'll present you how this application works:

Step 1 Run the Software and Choose Data
Once installing, run the software meanwhile hook up your iPod touch 4 and your Note 2 to computer. The application can clearly show all your files in the window, you’re able to choose the data you need to transfer, no matter whether they were synced with the iTunes or not.

Step 2 Transfer Options
Here are 3 means to start transfer:
a. Hit the transfer button to get to the transfer settings, pick the location you need to transfer;
b. Circle the files, right click one and "Transfer to" your target folder;
c. Drag & drop your images to the target folders.

Step 3 Finish Transfer
A dialog box comes out both showing the files' names and a progress bar, please do not disconnect neither your iPod touch 4 nor Note2 while switching, or the transference will discontinue.

These are the solutions I can figure out for shifting data between android phones and iOS products, you can even want to have a try to transfer data from iPhone to android, it will be full of fun. However, other methods are waited to be discovered. Probably someday, android iOS file transfer can realize directly via Bluetooth or some simpler ways.

May 20 2013


How one can Transfer Videos from iPhone to Pc

At present, people infrequently use their video cameras to take photographs or take movies, alternatively, they like utilizing their cellular phones to capture the information and stories about them. iPhone is a generally used smartphone nowadays, consumers like iPhone not only simply because it has very amazing features, but also because the information iPhone creates can satisfy people's needs. The 8 mega-pixel camera would make the video clips consumers take very crystal clear, thus people like taking video clips near them and expressing videos with their good friends, relatives and co-workers. 

However more movies we take, less storage area we will get in iPhone, additionally, we do not only need to discuss movies with our close friends or other folks we are acquainted with, but also like to post these exciting videos onto Web and allow more people discover them. Although with our iPhone we can straight publish the movies on many SNS web pages, more are likely to publish them after editing and enhancing the videos. Therefore we need to transfer video from iPhone to PC and modify them. Using iTunes, we can easily sync our iPhone and also backup the movies to pc then erase the initial movies in our iPhone, next sync iTunes with our iPhone once again, it seems like just a little complicated. I need some software less difficult to use than iTunes, so I utilized Leawo iTransfer to assist me. This is transfer software application which can help us to move the data among our iPhone and Computers. I'll teach you how to transfer videos from iPhone to computer in the next suggestions.

Step 1 Hook up Your iPhone to Pc
Soon after the installation of Leawo iTransfer, you'll be able to open it on your pc, then the pane of this computer program will show you "It's now safe to connect your i-devices to computer!" Then you'll be able to link your iPhone to personal pc, and the software application will easily check it.

Step 2 Select the "Camera" Section
While the computer program complete examining, you’re able to discover the window displays all of the data in your iPhone. On the left hand side is the library of your iPhone and the right are the information in your iPhone folders. You're obliged to select the "Camera" section on the left hand side and you will see the records on the right of the windowpane. Pick the videos data files you wish to transfer from iPhone to pc and simply click the transfer key to begin transfer options.

Step 3 Select the Selection for the Movie Documents
The "transfer settings" part is to suit your needs to select the position you desire to keep your video. The windowpane will display all the information of the data files you picked, you’re able to take a look at these files and ensure that you have selected all documents you needed to move from iPhone to pc. You can click on "Transfer Now" key to begin transfer.

Step 4 Transfer Complete
After hitting the "Transfer Now" key, a progress bar will observe you the percentage of transference, and you should never detach your iPhone to pc otherwise the transference will breakdown. When the transfer is completed, you will see the movies in the folders you select to put them.

By using Leawo iTransfer computer program, I can simply transfer videos from iPhone to computer, save much storage place of my iPhone, and retain filming video clips and moving them to my pc. With so many videos, I'm qualified to select the types which I think are entertaining and publish them to the web page, some people viewed my movie and gave great reward to them. I feel satisfied and also I will proceed to take videos to let more people understand my world and the tales about me.

May 14 2013


Top 7 Battery Monitoring Apps for iPhone

When I searched the Internet for iPhone battery life, many results were about the "Google Now Drains the battery life". The writer says that using these kinds of navigation or GPS apps will decrease your battery life, what's worse, when you shut Google Now down, the app will still be on the run in background, that will decrease your iPhone's battery life but you don't even know. Finally, you will find your iPhone is easy to get warm, and the battery is easy to be used up.
But we still need the navigation apps like Google Now to locate ourselves, we also want to save the battery life. Maybe some people will choose to shut the phone down while working to save the battery, but they might miss important calls. As far as I'm concerned, a third party app for monitoring your battery life is a good choice, with this kind of apps, you are able to figure out how much battery life do you still have or even how much time you can use the iPhone for calls, surfing Internet and watching movies. If you are a person who are busy in work and has no time for concerning whether you shut down an app or not, I suggest you to get a battery-life monitoring app for iPhone, it will be helpful.
Here are top 7 battery monitoring apps for iPhone, try them and get rid of the battery troubles from now on!

1. BatteryLife (Free)

This is a free version of BatteryLife, but it is powerful enough for you to manage your iPhone battery, it displays the percentage of charge, and estimates how long can you use the phone according to your charge time. No complex controlling steps should you be worry about. Generally speaking, this free battery monitoring app is a good choice for those who don't want spend money on iPhone apps.

2. EZ Battery Life (Free)

The main characteristic of this app is that it may give you accurate remaining time of your iPhone after learning your usage pattern. Also, this app keeps track of your iPhone or iPod usage for every hour, this helps you to know when and how often you need to recharge. Other features like remaining time estimation, alert for recharge and so on are also available and easy to use.

3. Battery HD+ (Free)

If you don't know which battery monitoring app to choose, try this one! It has been downloaded more than 14 million times so far. This app is no other special features to attract others, the elegant design and simplicity of use may be its outstanding features. It gives you the estimated remaining time of your battery and alert you when the battery is fully charged. Simple as it maybe, but it is useful on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Check this app out with $0.99! This app worth that price! It will provide you remaining hours and minutes of making phone calls, surfing Internet, watching movies and listening to music. With this app, you won't miss the ending of your movie when watching it on the train. But what should be mentioned is that the estimated time is just estimate, the results may be different because of different using habits.

This is the one that many iPhone users would love to try. The powerful functions of this app has attracted many people's eyes, it displays your detailed iPhone battery status, calibrates your battery into actual battery health state, and shows the remaining time in hours and minutes. Moreover, it can be used on different i-devices, so $0.99 is not expensive for this useful app.

As it declares, the world's only iPhone plasma battery engine, will bring you another cool feeling of using iPhone and iPod, the plasma changes color in accordance with your battery's different levels. Other features like remaining time estimate, auto alerts of fully charge, and smart battery capacity settings are easy to use, all these functions will let you monitor your battery with ease.

7. Beer Battery ($0.99)

This wonderful Beer Battery shows your battery level with an amazing beer animation. When you run this app with your iPhone unplugged, you will see a glass of ice cold beer on your screen, the tiny bubbles slowly rise upwards. Also, the key features are of no difference like the other apps. Estimated remaining time of your iPhone and iPod touch, alerting you of fully charged. This app is simple but makes the battery monitoring thing be more fun.
These seven battery monitoring apps for iPhone are in different characteristics but with similar powerful functions, they are for different kinds of people, if you like one of them, try it without any hesitations! By the way, checking your iPhone battery use sometimes is also important, and here is an article about improving your iPhone's battery life with some simple tips: http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=105548
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